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A true leader, who had the power to control millions of people with his words. Though most don't agree with his ideas, only a fool would deny his natural leadership capabilities.
Hitler was really a Jew.

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The symbol of commercial music and the end of art as we may know it. Runs the annual festival Ozzfest under her husband's name, picking up the hottest, most-likely to gain dollars bands she can. Recently received a large amount of backlash for her stunts on the last Ozzfest show to feature Iron Maiden, in which she organized an egging of the band on stage, and cut their power several times during their set.
Sharon Osbourne is a stupid tramp. And her daughter is a fat cow.

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Cartoons that are usually very serious with a large, nerdy, pasty-white American kid fanbase. Usually the eyes on the characters are ten times too large, and their mouths only move up and down in one repeating motion. The oversized eyes can be connected to the rather small eyes of the people who make the cartoons, perhaps trying to even the balance.
Cartoons were originally created to be funny and entertaining. Anime is neither.

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To have at some point possessed something or had it in your possession. Or if you're a nerd, you use it after you've insulted or tried to show yourself better than someone, in hopes that they will actually care.
I owned him like a Negro slave.

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"Really Pointless Game". A video game which can give you a new identity, since your real one probably sucks if you're actually playing it.
I was Richard Simmons at level 50 in the new RPG.

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The worst movie ever made. Period. Filled with stupid jokes and lines that teenagers can go repeat around school all day and think they're funny.
I wanted a refund after seeing Napolean Dynamite.

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The insult of choice for the unemployed, internet-obsessed nerd. Generally, if you have a social life, being called something from Lord of the Rings will not have any affect on you whatsoever. The word is especially relevant in message boards for power metal bands or video games, this being where you will find the lowest, most pathetic life forms to exist on the planet, and who solely depend on their computers and the internet to have any sort of life.
Attack the troll with your mighty broadsword!

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