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A female in full or part time education.
"Hello, I'm a school-girl."
by The Seventh Si March 04, 2004

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Small, pencil thin line of facial hair on the chin.

Made famous by footballer Robert Pires.
A: Wow, look at that guy's Pires beard.

B: Yep
by The Seventh Si December 12, 2003

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The Independent State of Wallgaria, located near Hemel Hempstead, several miles from London. It's attractions include The Tomb of the Tyrozets, Shwan Jalal and Ben's insults.
A: Shall we go to Wallgaria?

B: Yep.
by The Seventh Si February 04, 2004

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To Will Self, i.e.

a)to be a complete legend, hilarious and know every word in the dictionary.

b)to speak in a terrifically deadpan, smokers drawl and appear on "Shooting Stars"
A - I cannot believe you're defining someone so coruscating and whimsical within the confines of such a minute oblong!

B - What?
by The Seventh Si January 06, 2005

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1)A mallet, or other hammer-like object used to inflict pain upon a willing BDSM participant.

2)Critical phrase used in the world-wide chart-topping song "Hit Me With Your Bondage Mallet". (It's nice to be a lunatic, hit me, hit me.)
A - Hit me with your bondage mallet?

B - Yup
by The Seventh Si December 29, 2004

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Common slang meaning "For sure my fellow Wallgarian"
A - "Go to Tom's ass?"

B - "Fo shizzle my wallgarianizzle"
by The Seventh Si August 10, 2004

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Exclamation of surprise/mocking originating around the Wallgarian locale.

Often accompanied by a loud "Baaah!".
"Oh benders! BAAAAAH!"
by The Seventh Si August 10, 2004

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