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A virus started in the southern United States that involves the corruption and mutation of a plain rubber band and turning it into a colorful shape. The disease first started among younger children, one or two was the norm, but it soon began to spread and multiply. Soon it had made its way into Middle Schools, particularly girls and (in some cases) boys.

As of right now, the virus has begun to spread in High school environments, infecting 15-17 (primarily) year old girls. The High school mutation of the virus is usually very aggressive, and will infest the host with upwards of 10 bands. Lately, there have been signs of Silly Bandz on High school boys as well.

There is no cure to Silly Bandz, except will power to resist their colorful appearance. Right now, Silly Bandz Syndrome (or SBS) is on the verge of being declared a pandemic.

It is currently unclassified, but is remarkably similar to the Webkinz Disease that plagued the nations several years ago.
Jon: Man, I'm really worried about Rick, I haven't seen him since he was diagnosed with Silly Bandz Syndrome

Eric: Yeah, I hear just last week, SBS took more then five guys on the football team...
by The Mysterious Mister M May 25, 2010
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1. When a boy spends so much time with his girlfriend, that she basically absorbs him, and he becomes an extension of her personality.
Dude, G hasn't been the same since he started going out with Jen - Guy 1

Yeah, that's some serious demanification - Guy 2
by The Mysterious Mister M April 22, 2010
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When a definition on Urbandictionary.com has little or no thumbs up, and the author resorts to giving his own definitions thumbs ups.
Eric: Where's Tom?

Jon: Self Thumbing his definitions on Urban Dictionary...
by The Mysterious Mister M May 21, 2010
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1. The combination of a Jack-Ass, and an Ass-Hole.

2. Someone who thinks they're better then everyone else, and resorts to petty name calling when they're angry.
(ex. 1)
Wow, Mitch is such a Jack-Hole, he called me a dork yesterday because I mentioned a video game... - Mic

Yeah, I don't get why he thinks he's so cool... Everyone hates him - Morgan

(ex. 2)
Why do those two hang out with that Jack-Hole - Guy 1

I don't know, I guess they've got no other friends - Guy 2
by The Mysterious Mister M April 22, 2010
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The way to pronounce demanification (see demanification)
Hey, how do you pronounce demanification? - Guy 1

Well, spell it out... de-man-ification - Guy 2

Thanks! - Guy 1

No problem! ...dumbass... - Guy 2
by The Mysterious Mister M April 23, 2010
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"Twittering" is a word mistakenly used to describe the action of posting a comment on Twitter. It is primarily said by people who have never used Twitter before, and only heard about it from and friend or a T.V show.

The proper word would be "tweeting" (see tweeting)
Hey man, did twitter that message to your friends? - Guy 1

No, but I tweeted the post to my followers... - Guy 2

I think I'm going to be twittering this link to everyone I know! - Guy 1

It's called tweeting... - Guy 2
by The Mysterious Mister M April 27, 2010
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The act of taking something normal or good and making it very, very strange.

History: The phrase originated from Lady Gaga, who was overtaken by her own success, and as a result, went from being cool and new, to just weird and annoying.

Other uses of the phrase: To GaGa, GaGafy, GaGa It, GaGa'd
Examples of of GaGaing:

Jon: Hey, did you see the video for Telephone?

Geoff: Ugh, unfortunately... Man, she totally GaGa'd it...

ex. 2

Jon: Hey, did you see that new Miley Cyrus video?

Geoff: No, why would I watch a Miley Cyrus video?

Tim: Oh I did! Yeah, it's like she's taking weird lessons from Lady Gaga... It got totally GaGa'd...
by The Mysterious Mister M May 21, 2010
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