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Pronouced Shitake, this is a hockey spin-off that involves taking a dump on the floor and trying to move it towards your opponent's goal using your own urine. Once you runn out of piss, use your dick to push the shit. The first player to 11 wins!!!
Man this locker room is too boring, ets play shit hockey!!!
by The Herb and company September 17, 2004
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The sound you hear from at least 5 people in a room when you say something that crosses the line. Everybody says "AWWWWWWWW", and because there are so many people in the room who disapprove it is like surround sound, Dolby style.
*Somebody makes a joke*

*Someone else makes a joke, but it is too dirty/wrong/offensive*


They just got a Dolby Disapproval
by The Herb and Company February 03, 2006
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A really, REALLY hairy ass crack. Some animals can be found inside. A Red balloon may be hard to pull off
I have a date on Friday, and she might not appreciate my anal jungle. I guess I'll shave it
by The Herb and Company October 05, 2004
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A defecation game. Each player climbs to the top of a bathroom stall, as high as they can go. Aiming carefully, try to get your crap to land in the toilet below. Hitting the rim is 1 point, getting the shit in the toilet is 2 points, and if the toilet water splashes back up and hits you, you get 10 points. If you like this, try Shit Hockey
We couldn't decide who would be the leader, so we had a sky chipping competition.
by The Herb and Company September 24, 2004
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Opposite of Tug-of-war. It's a two-player game where one player puts their mouth over the opponent's ass. The ass opponent tries to take a shit, while the mouth opponent tries to blow as hard as they can so that the shit doesn't go in their mouth. Whoever holds out the longest wins.
I killed Tutton in a Push-Of-War contest. I can't believed he thought he could beat me.
by The Herb and Company October 15, 2004
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Opposite of Push-Of-war. One competitor's mouth is placed over the other competitor's ass. The mouth tries to suck out the opponent's shit, while the ass clenches so that no shit escapes. Whoever holds out the longest wins.
Tutton, I totally smashed you in Push-Of-War, and Suck-Of-War would be no dfferent
by The Herb and Company October 26, 2004
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The act of sharing Chuck Norris jokes with friends, family, etc...
Herb: According to Einstein's Theory of Relativity, Chuck Norris can actually kick you YESTERDAY.

Samuel: Chuck Norris can speak Braille

Julie: OK group, stop Chuck Norris-ing, we need to get back to work on our project.
by The Herb and Company April 19, 2006
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