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Someone you have sex with that is not only unattractive or obese but smells or is sweaty. A fun ride in the sack nonetheless, that is until your friends find out.
'Oh gross that dirty moped smells. I would still give it to her though, but no one must ever know of this"
by The Firezombie August 15, 2007
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When you and your girlfriend are watching TV, snuggled closely together, she decides to reach down and pull on your man meat, all the while snuggled closely together.
Jane and I were snuggled together on the couch watching TV. She then reached down for a quick snuggle tuggle.
by The Firezombie October 20, 2008
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When your partner grabs your penis and proceeds to shake it back and forth like an old school bell. Usually performed under stressful conditions.
My girlfriend was tugging at my man meat and felt so good until I called out her sister's name, then she gave me a school bell
by The Firezombie February 26, 2009
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Your girlfriend grabs your sausage shaking it like a School bell. With your nuts flying, you may or may not get a slight fleshy bell sound
The School Bell was something Jane was good at, so she decided to play teacher with Bob. She pulled his pants down and said, "Class dismissed!" She then quickly proceeded to get a hold of his man meat, shaking it to kingdom come!
by The Firezombie October 23, 2008
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Putting your penis in between a girl's ass and moving back and forward. Typically used if a girl's breasts are too small to do a shoeshine.
My girlfriend offered a shoeshine but her tits were too small. She had a nice booty though so I got a reverse shoeshine instead.
by The Firezombie August 19, 2009
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Mainly corporate personell who go to great lengths at avoiding being seen taking a crap at the workplace toilet
" Hey Bob I felt something whiz by me while I was taking a piss, weird"
"Oh that was most likely Phil, he doesn't like people seeing come out of the crapper, he's a toilet Ninja"
by The Firezombie July 10, 2008
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