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The effect felt the morning after taking Benedryl or other OTC drug containing diphenhydramine such as Unisom or Tylenol PM in order to induce or aid sleep. Symptoms include inability to wake up, sleeping through alarm clocks, grogginess, stiff neck, loss of memory, and general irritability. There is no known cure.
"I was late to work, I couldn't drive until I worked off this benedryl hangover"

"Dude, after all that Unisom you downed last night, I'm surprised you are still alive!"
by the banana June 27, 2007

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On an internet forum, something that has been posted and reposted an uncountable number of times.
"Anyone see this fat kid waving a stick around pretending to be in Star Wars? Or how about this 'End of the World Flash File?"
'What a Lambera!'
by the banana July 23, 2004

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An unbelievably stupid question.
"What's this star next to my name?"
"Why, that's the North Lambera of course! Sailors use it to find their way home!" What a Lambera!
by the banana July 23, 2004

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Having the properties of a Lambera.
"Why are we here" is a very lamberic question.
by the banana September 02, 2004

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Technically stands for "Islands South of Miami."
Refers to Cuban cigars.
Cohiba and Montecristo produce the most well known ISOMs.
by the banana May 15, 2006

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adj. ALMOST progressive.
KoRn's Career has gotten semigressively, that is, ALMOST progressively worse since the beginning. If it weren't for Follow the Leader and Issues, it would have been a downward slope.
by the banana September 26, 2004

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Articles of clothing that inhibit or prohibit whoring.
Let us roll up our sleves and get to this whoring!
by The Banana July 02, 2004

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