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Any person, either an adult or another teen, that is constantly used as a means of transportation by those too young to drive.

Often, when a teenager acquires a license, he or she becomes a host body for leeching peers that have not yet attained a license themselves.

Older adult drivers and parents may find themselves in this unfortunate situation as well.

How to avoid becoming a teen taxi:
1. Drive a small car with less room, and remove passenger seats.
2. Drive erratically and establish a reputation of recklessness with teens.
3. Avoid having children.
4. Intentionally disable your vehicle when picking up teens. Be sure their friends see them, and honk the horn to further the embarrassment.
"Sorry, I can't be there, my kid and his friends are using me as a teen-taxi later."

"My sophomore friends found out about my new car, and now I'm a teen-taxi."
by The Search Is Bound to Fail March 23, 2006

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The over-usage of LOL in an e-mail or instant message conversation. Typically, more than 2 LOL's in 4 lines of text constitutes an overlolism.
USER1: lol, I just fell out of my chair.
USER2: lol, why?
USER1: I dunno lol
USER1: lol I was spinning around.
USER2: Whoa, overlolism!
by The Search Is Bound to Fail January 24, 2006

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The surprise that results from checking the time and getting an unexpected and often unwelcome result. Clock-shock can be positive or negative, depending on whether more or less time has passed than expected.
Alyssa had a bad case of clock-shock when she saw that it was already 5am!

Jimi was brutally clock-shocked when he realized he still had 4 hours before his shift ended.
by The Search Is Bound to Fail February 21, 2006

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A generic slang term for a salty or cheesy snack; namely Cheetos, Fritos, Doritos, or Combos.
The professor became irate at a student who sat in the front row loudly munching on a king-size bag of Bastardos.
by The Search Is Bound to Fail October 12, 2005

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