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This boss chemical is the secret that will rock your world. Remember the Hindenburg? You don't want that for your hydrogen powered car. This chemical locks the hydrogen up for safe keeping, until it is released with heat to become available in your engine.
Friend: Dude, why did you snag that hydro-car at the dealio? You are going to be a freakin' 4th-of-July display when that sucker blows. Hydrogen burns like a mutha you sucka!

Buyer: Not to worry my future fearing friend, the hydroms are locked up in sodium tetrahydroaluminate.
by The Jive Chemist May 24, 2005
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To the above definitions not much can be added, except for this usage point: To, and I can't emphasize this enough, split an infinitive is considered to truly be bad grammar by many of the same people who think a preposition is a bad thing to incautiously end a sentence with.
Despite repeated admonitions by close friends and associates, the author continues to routinely split his infinitives. To someday learn to do otherwise is in many ways becoming an important thing to focus on learning to finally do.
by The Jive Chemist December 11, 2007
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An ion having a charge opposite of the substance with which it is associated.
We find that the condensed counterions introduce charge fluctuations along the length of the rods that give rise to attractive interactions, in quantitative agreement with recent simulations.
What up wit dat basackwards ion homes? Oh, it's just a counterion.
by The Jive Chemist May 12, 2005
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Some ultra-cool event that everyone would like to see happen, and some people anticipate happening ... which will never happen.
Jimbo, you say you got a date with Tyra Banks, the super model? Yeah, right -- I'll believe that when my pad is powered via cold fusion and I start gassin' up my ride with hydroms.
by The Jive Chemist May 24, 2005
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Short for hydrogen atoms, for when you get tired of saying it multiple times, or for when "hydrogen atoms" is too many syllables to fit into a rap lyric.
Forget nitro! My ride needs somethin' more. When I get to pimpin' these wheels, I'm goin' for hydroms, yo.

Josie was in for a nasty surprise when what she thought was a helium balloon turned out to be filled with hydroms.

Water? That's just the shit that comes out when hydroms link with oxygen in a kick-ass exothermic reaction.
by The Jive Chemist May 24, 2005
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