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Commonly mixed up with a wankster (wannbe/white gangster), a pankster is the peaceful version of a gangster. Panksters set out to try and demolish the common sterotypes of gangsters. While dress, speech, and personas vary in panksters, they generally dress with pants low on hips, wife beater tank tops, and over sized shirts. The things that set them apart are the fact that they will adorn symbols of peace on the person(s), and attempt to use peace to diffuse stressful situations.
Jill: Hey, did you see the fight at lunch today?
Beth: No, what happened?
Jill: Marcus almost punched Jake's lights out.
Beth: Why didn't he?
Jill: Steve, the local Pankster stepped in and straightened things out.
by Kkia22 July 01, 2009
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The back of a pair of very humid jeans that emit a smell as rectal proportions..similar to what bikers pants must smell like itf the wearer snaps off a round.
he had on a pankster. and it was dank and pooey
by the jammer August 09, 2003
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