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23 definitions by The Cheat

The Cheat is The Cheat. 'nuff said.
Mur-mur mur mur m-mur m-ur mur-ur mur.
by The Cheat October 29, 2003
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Strongbad answered one of my e-mails.
by The Cheat October 19, 2003
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I don't know what a fhgwhgads is, but its probably a fhgwhgads
by The Cheat November 10, 2003
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3 1/2 diameter disk that holds 1.44 MB of memory for a computer. when computer geeks are argueing make sure u ask them if they have tried the floppy disk. then with they respond with a now. put stress on different syllables and slow down or spped up the changed word...or both
f l o ppydis k
flopidydoppy diskeititdy
and many others...use your immagination ant piss off thoes linux lovein losers
by The Cheat February 20, 2003
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(n)(v) a large bucket of jizz normally used to dump from a elevate floor of a building ontop of un suspection pedestrians
(n) hey jimmy, i got a cumdizzle to dump out the window on old ladies tonight
(v) me and jummy completely comdizzled grandma
by The Cheat February 20, 2003
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the act of swaggling one's cunt. to wave around one's bitch.
that pimp was cuntswaggling last night, hardcore style.
by The Cheat August 16, 2003
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