8 definitions by The Black Jack

How retards spell LOL, the preceding S has completely no meaning and is added in by retards who can't fucking spell for nuts, or who are under 12.
Bob: *finishes telling a joke*
ircn00b: lols
Bob: lols? wtf does the 's' stands for?
ircn00b: donno lols
Bob: ... fucking 13yr olds...
ircn00b: im 12 stupid!!! lols
by The Black Jack October 17, 2006
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A deviated version of LOL, in which the X stands for absolutely nothing, other than the fact that it shows the typer's inability to spell or speak English.

The typer often thinks it makes them look cool by adding the unnessary X, more to the contrary, it makes them look like a total retard, with a mentality of a 12yr old.
powerrangerboy2234: heyyy!!!111 i am so kool lolx...
Billy: You must be 12.
powerrangerboy2234: OMG how do you noe?? lolx
Billy: From the way you're typing you freakin' retard
by The Black Jack October 17, 2006
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A combination of 'lan' and 'tiu'. Literally, it means penis fuck.
Jack couldn't score a strike while bowling. He turned to Sanagi and shouted "LAN TIU", to which Sanagi smiled back at him.
by The Black Jack September 16, 2007
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The easiest, and first program any newbie would write. Applies for any language. Also what you would see in the first chapter of most programming books.
programming noob: Hey I just attended my first programming lesson earlier!
.NET Veteran: Oh? What can you do?
programming noob: I could make a dialog box pop up which says "Hello World!" !!!
.NET Veteran: lmao.. hey guys! look.. check out this "hello world" programmer

Console.WriteLine("Hello World")
by The Black Jack October 26, 2006
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Any bald kid dressed in white, who possess the uncanny ability to bend spoons.
Spoon Boy: Do not try and bend the spoon...that's impossible. Instead only try to realize the truth...
Neo: What truth?
Spoon Boy: There is no spoon.
Neo: There is no spoon?
Spoon Boy: Then you will see, it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself.
by The Black Jack October 25, 2006
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The dude who's banging the lead cheerleader.
rob: Hey you know steve?
bill: steve who?
rob: steve, the quarterback. he's boning tiffany right now as we speak
bill: tiffany?
rob: yeah... you know, tiffany, the cheerleader
bill: who?
rob: ah screw you.
by The Black Jack November 23, 2006
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