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A great game that can get you out doing almost anything.
Girl: wanna come over

Guy: nah, i'm playing titan fall
by ThatOneguy March 11, 2014

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A Advanced 2D MMORGP,with a gigantic land mass, dynamic quests, many monsters, many skills, and weapons to select from. www.Dransik.com
I played Dransik all night and was involved in a guild war.
by ThatOneGuy December 17, 2003

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A member of Dransik (www.Dransik.com) A very good man, if you decide to play Dransik, look for him.
On Dransik, Craddoc is my master.
by ThatOneGuy December 17, 2003

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Being denied sex because the other person is waiting for marriage or is already married to Jesus or "God"
Guy 1: Hey man did you and and your girl have relations yet?
Guy 2: Nah man, she is religious.
Guy 1: Hah! You have been christ-blocked
by ThatOneGUy January 16, 2015

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"excuse me" as said by a baby. Beleaved to mean "Thank you". They sorta sound that same.
Noot noo mama!!
by Thatoneguy September 21, 2003

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