1. Noun: A childless, usually single female who has one or several dogs and treats them as surrogate children, referring to herself as "Mommy".

2. Noun: A female dog-owner who insults parents of actual children by insisting that caring for a dog is as difficult as raising a human child.

3. Noun: A woman who has a gift for interacting with animals, but has difficulty with human social interaction.

4. Noun: A woman who consistently bores others with unsolicited anecdotes about her pet's behaviour, propensities, or illnesses.

Dog Lady: "Oh, Peekie kept me up all night whining. It's as hard as having a baby!"

Sane Girl: "Actually, it's NOTHING like raising a baby! I cannot leave my baby in the backyard all day while I go to work. Shake your head, you stupid Dog Lady!"


"Can you believe it? That stupid Dog Lady spent our whole business lunch talking about little Peekie's fucking hernia operation. Then, out came the Christmas pictures!! I just about went medieval on her sorry dog lady ass!"

by Tessa Who September 3, 2005
A lady in the Orange Park Country Club that looks like a mana with a huge ass dog that gets her computer guy to come over while her husband is away so that she can get free sex.
The dog lady called me over to fix her pc and there was nothing wrong with it.
by John Cash August 18, 2004
Like a cat lady, but with dogs instead.
That woman with 50 greyhounds down the street is a real dog lady
by nb2021 December 22, 2020
Unmarried woman with at least two full-size dogs living in her small townhouse or apartment. Dogs are usually huge (St. Bernards, Boxers, etc.) that eat & shit like horses. Similar to the Crazy Cat Lady, but she actually likes her dogs, using them to fill the man void in her life.
Joe: Dude, what IS that smell?

Frank: It's just Jen, the crazy dog lady from down the street.
by triple_exes October 5, 2013
She's the coolest hot dog lady you will ever meet and she is out there doing her thing from the first warm days in spring until the climate changes in the fall....not to mention, she sells a damn good weiner! Look for her in the lot on the corner of Ocean Ave. and Surf Street.
The hot dog lady was there on the corner selling weiners even though it was raining!
by Maria Margarita June 24, 2006
The polite term you use instead of b*tch, so you don't get beat up by a girl for swearing.
Boy: Hey b*tches!

Girl: *slaps*

Boy: I meant lady dog!
by CurseYouDesertBluffs January 17, 2014
A dog (usually a small breed) that was owned by an old lady and was spoiled because she treated it like a baby. Old lady dogs tend to be very demanding of your attention, and will jump into your lap whenever you sit down. Quite often they hate males, but love females. Can be very sweet if broken of 'granchild-like' expectations. Do not get along well with other animals, and become jealous very easily. May be accustomed to riding in a stroller and being dressed up in cute outfits. They like to bounce and prance around like bunnies in order to get attention. Also, they'll intentionally shake to get your attention.
When my mother brought home another dog, I was surprised to find that he had been an old lady dog.
by Nomad-Putin December 29, 2011