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1. the act of helping a rival in order to benefit yourself

2. chosing to help a rival for personal gain

3. more "race talk" drivel from NASCAR announcers
"With 20 laps to go, looks like we're going to start seeing some co-opetition."
by CrAzYBiTcH May 01, 2005
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A new term in Nascar. A mix of cooperation and competition.
With the two car drafting, you must have coopetition with your fellow competitors to go to the front.
by Nonekinder April 17, 2011
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An alternative finance method for entrepreneurs that requires 1) the cooperation of investors and stakeholders (i.e. the community), and 2) competition among peers
Black Girl Ventures bases their funding model on coopetition; entrepreneurs are invited to present their pitches in front of an audience who then votes on the winner.
by livejoyful August 06, 2018
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