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The katana is an excellent cutting sword; in my opinion, it's the best cutting sword in the world. The flaw in its design is common to all cutting swords: even with its sharp point, the katana is useless against rigid body armor. That is why the katana, like most swords, was a secondary weapon. The samurai's primary weapons were bows or spears.
It ain't the sword itself that's dangerous. It's the asshole holding the sword that's dangerous!
by Terra Imperator November 09, 2004
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A woman with a foul mouth and awful personality who suffers from any two of the following:

-- uglier than the shaved backside of a goat;
-- morbidly obese (too many trips to Taco Bell);
-- body odor as the result of poor personaly hygiene; and/or
-- lazy eye.
You couldn't get me drunk enough to copulate with a she beast!
by Terra Imperator May 18, 2004
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The ass clown who shows up uninvited to a party, gets shitfaced, says inappropriate shit, gropes female partygoers, and makes everyone uncomfortable.

Stays long after everyone leaves & doesn't even offer to help clean up!
If that good-for-nothing, creepy bastard shoes up... stab 'im!

see mr party
by Terra Imperator May 18, 2004
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(1) slang term for your friend

(2) see butt buddy

(3) what you call someone when you can't remember her name
(1) "Last night, I hung out at The Player's Club with my buddies."

(2) "Lamar and Carlos are 'buddies.' Wink-wink, nudge-nudge."

(3) "Hey... uh, buddy. How's it going?"
by Terra Imperator May 27, 2004
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an ecdysiast; one who performs striptease: that is, one who dances seductive while removing her clothing
Most strippers are women. Most strippers perform striptease for economic reasosn (they need the moner).
by Terra Imperator May 13, 2004
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