noun. a respectable group of gentleman who are always down for a good time, but know when it's time to get down to business
When is Player's Club arriving at the party? It can't start without them.
by BigSexy1992 May 6, 2010
A place amidst the fuckitude that is the MSN web domain, where both hypocrites and cyber fuck buddies make their home. Owned and operated by the supreme n00b-pwner, woman-deceiver, Del, it has served to bring and hold tens of thousands of people into a single place for MSN to plague and spunk on them advertisments of useless "Windows Live" software.
I feel like internet drama, followed by cyber sex with fat girls on webcam. I think I need to go to TPC. (The Players Club)
by MSN Penthouse December 8, 2006
So, TPC Means "The Players Club". Therefore entering this chatroom you are entering under supervision of quite a few "wannabe" players, but because they're behind a screen they can act a lot "gangster" than they actually are.
The Players Club -

User M: Hey, any chicks about?
User F: im here...
User M: u got a cam?
User F: yea why?
User M: ... Fancy it?
User F: lol
User F: Erm....
User M: Come on, I only wanna show you come puppies
User F: Ok.
User M: Del was here, 2007.
by Wayne-Fcuck3r September 14, 2007
Primary Usage: The residence of J-Dizzel and K#4, i.e. a clubhouse for players.

Also: An oceanfront hotel in Hilton Head, SC.
K#4: Yo, you want to go get some food?

J#1: Nah, homie. Let's head back to the Players Club and cook up some pizza.
by S#5 January 24, 2007