11 definitions by Tereth

a weak ie man from star wars who manages to kill his father and the emperor by sheer luck.
WIthout his lightsaber, Luke would get pwned by Worf
by Tereth February 17, 2005
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a hella awesome website with lots of and , HELL YEAH!
Since my parents installed a blocker on my computer, I always go to newgrounds to jack off.
by Tereth January 24, 2005
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when your computer is hella laggy so on online servers you so you can go killin everybody and their mother cause they won't be able to catch you
damn I was playin halo yestaday. It was lagalicious!
by Tereth February 15, 2005
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North American Man/Boy Love Association. They believe that it is perfectly natural for 30 year old men to have sex with adolescent boys. I believe they are sick, twisted bastards.
NAMBLA is NOT condoned by the gay community.
by Tereth March 2, 2005
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A woman who's dumber than and makes millions by being stupid. Has nice
I love ProActive because... It WORKED for me!
-Jessica Simpson
by Tereth February 21, 2005
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an evil, greedy who kills thousands of civilians so he can make more money and exterminate Islam, can't speak a single goddamn sentence without misquoting, can't eat munchies without choking on them, and thinks that religion and society should be entwined.
wow, george bush is a dickwad!
by Tereth February 12, 2005
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