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The movement of pure ambiance through a fluid. Often through the ears that pick it up. Ears have fluids inside that picks up these special sound waves to create a pure essence of transcendence of music.

The suffix word Kinesis is the motion or movement of an organism in response of an external stimulus. Thus Ambiance is the external stimulus, thus it moves the organism.

Ambiekinesis, the movement of pure ambiance through the fluids of the listener's ears, creating an atmosphere of calm essence and relaxation, and a trance like state.
Music Appreciator: Man, this song Insum by Solar Fields...it's like it is creating Ambiekinesis in my head! It's so powerful that I've...like...ascended and transcended beyond the normal range of music...I may never climb back down this mountain of ambiance...I want to stay here for all I can live for...
by TanorFaux February 19, 2012
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It means "I Love You!" in number code. Using the numbers above the first letter of each word. It is useful when you want to say "I love you" in a safe and not-as-awkward way. You just say '896'. If they understand the number code, they should say either:

'8962' or 8965'

If they understand it, but they do not love you, they say:

83696, meaning I do not love you. They can also say: 866, meaning "I hate you."
Guy responds to his girlfriend's last post: 896
Girl responds to his boyfriend: 896 2!!!

Guy responds to his ex-girlfriend: 896...
Ex responds to his ex-boyfriend: 83696!!
by TanorFaux March 23, 2014
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1. n. A term when in an argument, and you are reversing everything the other person is saying in an attempt to get them to fault in their own argument. You are also probably holding up a mirror in front of your face towards the other person to emphasize this. (It works well in some arguments.)

2. n. A certain mystical item used to reverse the effects of other certain mystical items used by the opponent. Such as, if one used the Serpent's Tail and become ghost-like when passing through walls and such, the reversing mirror would reverse this, and the person will be solid. A ghost that uses this, will become solid as well.

3. n. A mirror that you would want to break, because instead of 7 years of bad luck, it'll give you 7 years of good luck.

Woman: Why must you always do this, that and this other thing that you always do!
Man *holding a mirror*: Why must you always do this, that, and this other thing that you always do!
Woman: *cue frustration, and storming off*

Fighter 1: *goes into give a punch in the face*
Fighter 2: *uses the Reversing Mirror, opponent punches self in the face.*

Dojo: Hah! You broke a mirror! Now you'll have 7 years of bad luck! IN YOUR FACE! 8D
Wuya: Actually, since it's the reversing mirror, I'll have 7 years of good luck. |)
Dojo: o-o, *runs*
by TanorFaux December 08, 2011
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The para-psychological ability to see something in the future without it happening yet, most of the time it happens in one's dreams and one of the several real world extrasensory abilities.

Most people have this already if they have abnormal subconscious and psychological issues, but without any mental concentration or vividness of the mind, one rarely gets it. Those who are true full psychics or half psychics can cause them to happen more often.

Premonition is mostly dream-based (you can have them when you are awake too, but daydreaming at the same time.) and one does or cannot control them.

Unless you constantly meditate every day and know how to do so correctly of course, otherwise any parapsychological ESP like precognition and premonition are by accident in most normal humans.

People seldom remember dreams, they will not remember having the premonition or precognition unless they have an epiphany later on and remember having it at that moment.
Goku from Dragon Ball is shown to be capable of having ESP abilities.

Precognition and Premonition are examples. When he has bad dreams or nightmares, he has premonitions of villains that he has not personally seen yet.

When he has good dreams, he has precognition of the future, able to know what is going on without having to be personally there. This was proven when he was bed ridden with the Heart Virus and he claimed to know what was happening even if he wasn't conscious half the time.

He had a nightmare of two Saiyans (Nappa and Vegeta) attacking his wife and son in a filler episode, it was a premonition. That's how he was able to know what they looked like people!

Gohan, (Goku's Son) had a premonition of Cell in a nightmare, the one who bitchslapped Chi-Chi to death and stepped on her neck and one-shots Piccolo and steps on his head.

Odd from the french anime: Code Lyoko, has precognition and premonitions often in the first season, most of the time it was Aelita, Yumi or Ulrich in danger.
by TanorFaux August 02, 2012
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When someone says something so outrageous and unbelievable, one may say "Are you out of your tree?" which means that the person is out of their mind on such an idea. The phrase originates from the popular Nintendo game, Animal Crossing.
Tanner: So what are you trying to do here?

Reil: I'm going to jump that shark tank on this here bike.

Tanner: Oh no, no, no! Are you out of your tree?! You can't hope to jump something like that on that thing. You may as well start jumping turtles before doing something so unbelievable.

Reil: But I jumped the turtles last week...
by TanorFaux April 03, 2012
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1. Not kidding! - Means the speaker is not kidding. It is the antonym of the acronym: Jk, which means just kidding. Therefore, Nk means that the speaker was not kidding instead of really kidding. Usually used as an insult or otherwise.

2. No kidding? - Means the respondent is asking if the speaker is not joking.

3. No Kissing. - Means the kind of thing you do not want your significant other, girlfriend or boyfriend to say during intimacy or otherwise

Timothy: Your girlfriend is a freak...
Francis: Are you kidding?
Timothy: Nk.

Francis: No kidding?
Timothy: I meant not kidding moron.


Joan: Nk tonight...
Timothy: Why!!?
Joan: You have bad breathe sorry.
by TanorFaux June 17, 2013
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1. To have an amazing sensation while listening to music, sounds and sometimes other people.

2. To have a sensation of water or blood coming out of your ears while listening to music, sounds or other people. Otorrhea-related Eargasm. Ear Discharge. Etc.
Tanor: Man, this ringing in my ear is giving me a serious eargasm...
Irona: You're not having an eargasm, there's just blood coming out of your ear.
Tanor: Oh...what do I do?
by TanorFaux July 08, 2012
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