1. Noun. The Euphoric sensation you get from hearing amazing music. Can also be used to describe the feeling you get from hearing a sexy/awesome voice.

2. Verb. To have an intense emotional reaction to a piece of music.
1. I got an eargasm from listening to Pyramid Song by Radiohead.
2. Did you get an eargasm when you listened to Cheveliers de Sangreal from The DaVinci Code soundtrack? Because I sure as hell did!
by jkfldjakdljal November 6, 2010
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v, to wiggle your finger or a cotton bud in your ear & reach the really itchy part, the type of itchty ear that you just can't reach without poking around.
The relief felt upon reaching the itch & having an eargasm.
Sean had an eargasm after he stuck a cotton bud in his ear & reached the itch.
by The Fairy Sesh Mother August 31, 2018
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1. An emotional high caused by listening to an exceptional composition. Usually but not always after a period of musical abstinence.

2. Intense sexual arousal brought on by listening to somebody else's voice; usually accompanied by tingles down the spine or a warm feeling localized at the nape of the neck, indicative of instant sexual rapport. The aforementioned may however be caused by the building of rapport in general. This is usually considerably more intense with whispers in the ear; usually dictated by context and tone of voice rather than what is actually said (up until a plausible limit of nonsensicality or unpleasant content) due to implicit meaning.

3. A term used to describe pleasant sounds in general or the effect of, say, an exceptional surround sound system.

4. A spasm of the ear; usually not unpleasant.
1. Wow! (The musical climax of) Rammstein's new song just gave me one hell of an eargasm!

2. (Introspective) Her mellifluous British accent just gave me an intense eargasm.

3. Wow! This new stereo system of yours is an absolute eargasm!

4. Urgh, I just had an eargasm out of the blue...
by Anonymous Synonymous May 22, 2011
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The sensation one gets when listening to a song of epic proportions
Person 1-"Dude I listened to Joe Bonamassa and got the biggest eargasm I ever had"

Person 2- "Thats cool bro I listened to Katy Perry and got one."

Person 1- "F**k you dude, I don't wanna be your friend anymore."
by thesXeman July 26, 2011
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An Orgasm of the ear triggered by the masturbation of the eardrum by exceptionally sexy music.
"Dude! I was listening to Stairway to Heaven today and I had a total Eargasm! Got any Q-Tips?"
by Gslax24 November 27, 2006
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n. The experience of hearing something (i.e. music) so incredible that it could be considered the auditory equivalent of an orgasm. Also adj. eargasmic.
Phil: That orchestra was great... not AMAZING... but really good.
Kyler: Yeah, that wasn't a great recording... live, it'll be eargasmic.
by Kyler Stuckert December 24, 2007
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1. Similar to an orgasm, but it happens to your ear and happens when you're listening to music that should have its own holiday and maybe even a sex position.

2. That indescribable feeling that sends chills throughout your body when you come across a song that makes you want to make babies.
"Holy shit what happened Tom?"
"I just had an eargasm while listening to this song"
"Let me listen....AAHHH HOLY SHIT EARGAAAASM!!!!"
by DailyDose October 13, 2009
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