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A word created by comedian Conan O'Brien to be the universal swear word, see also "Smurf":

can be used many different ways, for example:
Noun: Dave told Debra to stick his crunk into her quivering crunker.

Adjective: Dave told Debra to stick his crunk into her crunking crunker.

Verb: Dave told Debra to go crunk herself.
by Taichi March 14, 2005
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When Dave called Debra his Gurf, she knew she had a sugardaddy for life!
by Taichi March 25, 2005
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Verb: The act of pressing one's penis to a person's face, leaving a mushroom-shaped mark, with semen.

Noun: The mark left from being 'mushroom stamped'
v: Dave Mushroom Stamped Debra, after whacking off on her curtains.

n: Debra went to work today, not knowing she had a mushroom stamp on her forhead.
by Taichi January 26, 2005
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n: An oldschool razor, used as a poor-man's switchblade, made famous in the film "Reservoir Dogs"
Bitch, you better start talking, else I'mo whip out my straightrazor and go "Tarantino" on your ass!
by Taichi March 25, 2005
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A common misconception is that the Balisong is actually a Butterfly knife, this misconception came from stupid white people going to asia, and coming back with the things.....

A Butterfly Knife is a large, flat shortsword, with a D-Shaped handguard, the Balisong, which is commonly called a butterfly knife, has nothing to do with it.....
Homeboy thought he had a butterfly knife, but when he pulled it out his balisong, I carved him up with these two cleaver lookin' things right here!
by Taichi March 25, 2005
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