a noise one makes to fill any silence. Use when you think is needed.
Ugh... Gurf.

"Whatcha feelin'? "
by PrdflS8n October 28, 2020
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the moist region between a females poon and ass. It is the female version of the durf (or taint)
"Damn quit poking my Gurf!!!" she exlaimed
by Durfinators January 20, 2006
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Noun/Adjective, Acronym

Origin: English

1) literally a Girl You Run From

2) To be a hideous beast of a woman

3) Way to describe a woman that is less than average. Way less.
Ms. G was the biggest Gurf you will ever meet.

Samantha was Gurf like in appearance.

Tim: Gurf!

Collin: Gurf?

Tim: Yeah man, a Girl You Run From!

Collin: Oh! Yeah she is a Gurf!
by A Geography Witness September 2, 2011
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Meaning marijuana was a misinterpreted term deprived from the Mac Miller song "Kool-Aid and Frozen Pizza" when he said "I smoke "herb" and i make music"
Me: I smoke gurf and i make music, I don't even talk about it boy I just do it!

Mac: Nah, bro it's I smoke HERB and I make music I don't even talk about it boy I just do it.

Me: Woah, thanks Mac, I had no idea.
by Justanothermacfan April 19, 2011
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a girl, typically a lacrosse player, who is considered to be extremely bro-like and chill, yet also very desirable by members of the opposite sex. The perfect female. Often intensified by the adjective 'sloppy'.
Bro 1: Dude, Jessica is such a sloppy gurf, I'm gonna ask her to do some freestyle laxkour after school friday.

Bro 2: YeYe go for it Bro. She's chiller than a snowflake up a polar bear's butt
by dumbledoresstylist May 17, 2011
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When a girl with french braids gives you head while hanging upside down from a shower rod. AKA gurf job or GJ. The word originated in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin.
1. Jake- Last night i totally got a gurf from this girl.
Elliott- No way, thats awesome

2. Jake- C'mon baby give me a gurf.
Shaniquia- Hell no, i ain't russian, im black, i can't bend like that.
by Wiz Kollifa June 7, 2009
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Girls who surf or girls who like boys that surf.
by Original Gurf Queen February 8, 2005
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