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It's when the girls get together for a gab session without the guys, most of whom will be the subject of the conversation
My Lady went to lunch with the girls and it became a chick chat as they discussed their boyfriends and lovers.
by Tag November 20, 2009

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Not sure about this one but possibly from the French "m'aidez" or Help Me!
M'aidez! M'aidez! Help me! Help me!
by Tag May 04, 2004

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A mild curse derived from steve jobs' mispronunciation "garageband," which he pronounced "gargeband."
TaG: Garge!! I just died in halo and I had the flag!!
by TaG August 05, 2004

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PCOP or pussy cut off point dates back to the Viet Nam war. It refers to that time interval prior to going on R&R whereby one could recover from the clap ahead of hooking up with one's girlfriend or wife.

The World equals continental US.

LBFM equals Little Brown Fucking Machine.
Bud, do you want to hit some LBFMs tonight?

No, man, I've reached my PCOP and I'm off to the Wrold next week.
by Tag June 07, 2009

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either a purposeful or accidental gross misspelling of funny, or funy, meaning quite amusing and worthy of note.
jim607: there was a kid at my camp called "harry wang"
TaG: lol! that fune
by TaG August 05, 2004

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A misspelling of hehe, used online to express mild amusement and in place of lol.
jim607: im gonna pwn j00!
TaG: heuer n00b.
by TaG August 05, 2004

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a drifter is someone who doesen't no where there at
australian slang
to many drugs,no sence way of being
by tag October 24, 2004

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