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Recreational sexual intercourse or sexual activity between 2 or more married couples where the wives becomes the "temporary" sex partners of the husband of the other wife.
Kevin and Rita are married. Tonight they met with another married couple John and Kathy. The couples did some wife swapping. So John had sex with Rita and Kathy fucked Kevin.
by Taddy January 23, 2005

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The hair on the pubes of a woman who has never fucked before.
We went to the drive in last night. She doen't have virgin wool anymore.
by Taddy February 23, 2005

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The news reports of a republican right-wing, gay, male prostitute - shill - with 2 days of journalism school, delivered with a White House slant.
Todays reports from the White House were nothing but propagannon. On to the weather forecast...
by Taddy February 23, 2005

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