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Wow Stiches is hurt again
by Tablecloth October 30, 2019
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A sexy man with gorgeous locks of flowing hair. He teaches Spanish so well and defiantly didn’t spend every day ranting about how phones were horrible and none of us tried.
by Tablecloth September 27, 2019
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Papa Roach rocks my socks.
Papa Roach fucking rocks, if you disagree, you fucking suck.
by Tablecloth August 13, 2005
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A bitch of a boyfriend who is really a fucking asshole but is so cute so it’s a struggle if you fall for a Henry you will be lost but don’t you will probably hate your life and be confused and abused. Secretly and evil tyrant
by Tablecloth June 7, 2019
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When someone puts their peepee in yourmouth without permission. After they do that you should definitely break up with them but some dumb people don’t do it.
by Tablecloth January 2, 2020
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