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Pittsburgh based resturant Eat-n-Park has a black angus american grill burger on it menu in which it hypes up to be the best thing to come along since sliced bread and the invention of the wheel. When in all actuality it is the void of taste, small and unfilling, overpriced, and severd on buttered toast instead of a bun. The burger at one time was ok(not great), but as time went on it has turned into an uneatable mound of grease and oil on wet toast that pigs would have trouble eating, not to be critical just saying.
Eat-n-Park's new fail burger will leave you unsatisfied and with a hole in your wallet.
by TV CAR May 11, 2010
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Somebody who tries to create a new meme or new slang by posting an example of slang terms on Urban Dictionary that don't exist.
That guy who tried to invent a definition for Failburger is a complete failburger.
by PassiveSmoking October 23, 2009
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