The army of fans who follow the band KISS, they lie dormant now, but as nations grow weak and citys turn to slums and evil stands strong the KISS army will rise up and become the new world order. KISS will then rule the world, that or it's just a KISS fan club for a bunch of kids born in the 70's.
The KISS army is strong, I think?
by TV CAR April 29, 2010
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A term or curse you can use while playing videogames when you are unsure whether the next door or dungeon contains a large amount of enemies or a very large and difficult boss battle.
Bloody hell finding Kisses Army in this dungeon and I don't have enough potion.
by Hourglass Mage April 21, 2011
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A fan club for one of the worlds worst bands ever.
I had this loser friend who was in the Kiss Army.
by Dan666115 January 5, 2006
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A Term Phrased By The Band kiss for their fans that they lost 25 years ago everyones so sick of kiss like it was said in "role models", Even Paul Stanley Is Sick of Kiss Wich is True!
Now in days everyones to scarred to say thyre in the kiss army for fear of getting laughed at
Gregg: I'm in the Kiss Army

Davie:Your A Faggot
by Pop Rox August 20, 2010
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