The crappy side of Washington where it always rains, you drive 50 miles and it looks exactly like the place you left, and you can't see anything but the tree in front of you. Most people in WW don't have a clue about having a real life.
I moved away from Western Washington and came to the East side where people are real.
by Mr. green man March 13, 2010
Western Washington University is one of six state-funded, four-year institutions of higher education in Washington. Fall 2004 enrollment includes 12,940 full- and part-time students.

The University maintains nearly 73 buildings on a 215-acre campus, including the 38-acre Sehome Arboretum, operated jointly with the city of Bellingham, and 15 residential buildings housing near 4,000 students. Western also has off-campus facilities at Shannon Point Marine Center in Anacortes, Wash.; and a 15-acre student-university facility at nearby Lake Whatcom.

WWU is situated in Bellingham, a city of 70,000 overlooking Bellingham Bay and many of Puget Sound’s 172 San Juan Islands. The University is 90 miles north of Seattle, 55 miles south of Vancouver, B.C., and an hour’s drive from the ski area on 10,778-foot Mount Baker.
"Western has a beautiful campus and is one of the top public undergraduate institutions on the west coast"
by wwuvikings June 6, 2005
A university where only the most awesome hippies in the country go. The congregate in Bellingham, WA, just south of the US-Canadian border. For fun, most WWU students smoke a lot of marijuana.
WWU Student 1: What do you want to do this weekend at Western Washington University?
WWU Student 2: Smoke some weed?
by Danker Than Thou October 17, 2008
The Washington school that all the stoners go to because they were to busy smoking weed in high school to get into the University of Washington.
Person: “Oh where do you go to school

Me: “Western Washington University”
Person: “Shit bro can I get a gram?”
by Heheomgweed October 10, 2019
Hippie School, that usually sucks, but sometimes its alright, not too many hot girls compared to other schools
what? Western washington university? Get out outa here ya stankin long haired hippie.
by hocks August 7, 2006