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Noun: Flu-z
1.) A term to describe a sexually promiscuous female
2.) Used to describe generally a female who is behaving in a ridiculous manner or acts in immature way
Brittany; Im a dinasaur, hear me roar. Roar!.

Jen: Brittany stop acting like a floozie, your 17 and in the middle of the mall and everyone is looking
by T0pher8 February 03, 2010

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Noun; Grab-Ass-In

1.)A process in which a person or group of people perform meaningless tasks to occupy time instead of completing an assignment, task or job

2.)When a person decides to replace a given task with another less valuable or exhausting task in an attempt to relieve themselves of a given responsibility
Coach: Staci, your supposed to be doing the ball drills

Staci: Coach, I was just talking to Chris about yesterdays game
Coach: I know grabassin when i see it, now start running
by T0pher8 February 03, 2010

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Noun: Goo-gles
1.) A pair of protective eyewear worn during science labs to protect one's eyes.These safety glasses are noun as goggles but are generally brighter in color and leave unsightly lines on your face

2.)Another way of saying or describing the traditional science eyewear of goggles, but differ in the size, googles are generally very large covering most of the upper and middle face
Teacher: Time to begin the lab children, Kelly and Kathy, put on your googles before you begin the lab

Kelly: Oh, almost forgot to put on my googles to protect my eyes from the acid
by T0pher8 February 03, 2010

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