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the act of two males who fit emo standards smooching. not gay, just doing it for the publicity.
after looking at those emo boys kissing pictures, i gagged a little.
by T. Lex July 04, 2005

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uh...83% of all photos submitted to UD
check out emo they are constantly adding new cam hoes
by T. Lex July 04, 2005

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not just shit, but THE shit. saying just shit is something low class. but saying THE shit means its over the top cool.
person one: mah car is the shit.

person two: your car is just shit. its a ford escort, mon.
by T. Lex June 03, 2005

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A day to smoke marijuana
-The English teacher took a green day on April 20th
by T. Lex July 10, 2005

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a store which i will never understand. I mean, most of the guy's clothing there is for gay men, and yet, a lot of straight men get shirts there. And the thing that ticks me off the most is that their 'models' wear no clothing. Good advertising.
Metro: Dude, lets go to A&F
Straight: Yo, that place is for fags.
Metro: Dude, you're just saying that cuz you aint got no money. hahaha
by T. Lex February 09, 2005

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leet speak (1337) for 'you'

probably comes from the pittsburgh way of saying 'jeet jet'
100|< @ j00!!!!!!!!!11111111111111

gawd i hate leet
by T. Lex June 01, 2005

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a guy who acts gay but has straight sexuality. you know, wears make up, talks to us girls, paints nails, cares about clean-ness, etc.
-that girl is dating a metro and now we think she's a les.

-metros confuzzle me
by T. Lex February 15, 2005

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