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Seven basic human vices that, when taken in excess, can be percieved as evil, and potentially injure or kill the person indulging in said vices, or anyone around him/her.

Lust: The obsession with personal gratification and/or pleasure. This does not have to be sexual, but it usually is.

Wrath: Different from Anger, Wrath is the uncontrolled hatred for someone or something, and the unquenchable desire to exact revenge on said object/person. The wrathful person feels he *must* seek retribution on the focus of his anger, and is usually so consumed by his rage, that they usually cannot calm down after their revenge is complete.

Greed: The tendency to want more than you need. This can be wealth, power, sexual gratification (see Lust), etc. Usually, greedy people seek to add to their collection, through any way possible, and with no regard to others. It doesn't matter if others need the money, power, etc. to survive; If the greedy person sees it, he/she will do anything to acquire it.

Sloth: Extreme laziness. Slothful people feel that everything should be done for them, and will refuse to do anything for themselves. Such people would usually not get a job, even if they need to; sleep for most of the day, and then lounge around for the rest of it; etc. They have no desire to do anything that would require any ammount of effort or work, and would usually pass off those responsibilities to other people.

Envy: Having an unusual interest in another's abilities, personality, luck, etc., and an unusually strong jealousy towards said person, because of those traits. This causes the envious person to copy the object of their envy, and/or trying everything they can to acquire what the object of their envy has.

Gluttony: Similar to Greed, it is the consumption of something to excess. Instead of merely acquiring the object, it is absorbed and depleted, usually until there is nothing left. Usually used in reference to the consumption of food, it can also be used to describe the consumption of a natural resorce, funds, charity, etc., until there is nothing left for use, usually denying others from using that same resorce.

Pride: Interchangable with Vanity, Pride is the overexaggerating of one's abilities or accomplishments. Prideful people usually inflate their own worth far over what it should be, and in the process, overinflate their egos, as well. They tend to act high-and-mighty, and consider themselves of far more importance to people than they really are.
Lust is wanting to screw everything that moves, at all hours of the day.

Greed is also known as Bill Gates.

Envy is wanting your best friend's boyfriend, even though he hates your guts, and trying to seduce him, anyway.

Wrath is killing a cop, because he gave you a ticket on a bad day of yours.

Sloth is living in your parents basement, still paying video games, when you're 45.

Pride is better known as the Bush Administration.

Gluttony is better known as Bill Gates at the local supermarket's snack aisle.
by SynjoDeonecros July 13, 2004
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An idiot. Specifically, one who is woefully naive and lacking in knowledge of a specific area of expertise (in a fandom, game, or online), but is so convinced that he/she knows far more about said area than most other people, that they blatantly disregard, and often fight against, helpful suggestions and opinions from other, more knowledgeable people. This is different from a newbie in that, while both are inexperienced and unknowledgeable, a newbie can learn as he/she gets more aquainted with the fandom/game/internet forum/group, whereas the n00b is so delusioned by their non-existent knowledge, that no ammount of convincing will deter him. The n00b refuses to admit he/she's naive in the area that they claim to have knowledge in and actually *learn*, and, instead, flames other people and generally act like a complete and total idiot trying to convince others of their imagined intellectual superiority. Generally the cause of flame wars.

Also can be referred to a person who excessively flames people, reviving dead topics, etc., just to get attention and/or make a point. Often gets banned from internet forums and causes many forum threads to be closed from further posts. Overall, a real jerk.
"That guy is such a n00b, still insisting he got the God of Assmasters playable in MKT..."

"Why do you keep on flaming me? The thread was long dead, and you had to bring it back from the dead just to take a stab at me? God, what a n00b..."
by SynjoDeonecros July 10, 2004
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In the card game Yu-Gi-Oh, a now-defunct strategy utilizing cards to deplete the opponent's hand and destroy their cards on their side of the field, then use a card named Yatagarasu to attack them, using its effect to prevent the opponent from drawing cards until they are dead. Proved to be overpowering, until Yatagarasu was banned in the Advanced format.
God, I hate Yata-lock decks. Everyone ran them. Thank god for the ban, else they would've killed the game.
by SynjoDeonecros November 29, 2004
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Three universal laws created by sci-fi writer Issac Assimov dictating the behavior of robots and other artificially intelligent machines.

1. A robot must not harm a human, or cause a human to be harmed through inaction on the part of the robot.

2. A robot must obey the orders of its human master, unless said order violates law #1.

3. A robot must preserve its existence by any means, as long as said means do not conflict with the first two laws.
Zero in MegaMan X violated the first law of robotics by killing a lot of humans.
by SynjoDeonecros July 15, 2004
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From Tantalus, the Greek mortal cursed in Tartaurus to spend all eternity in a pool of water with fruit branches overhead, but never being able to reach them to take a bite to eat or drink.

Used to describe a purpetual streak of bad luck, usually characterized by a sudden upsurge of good fortune that ultimately turns sour when the 'cursed' party goes to secure it.
Man, I'm really Tantalus cursed, today. I just got this big check in the mail, that I need to pay the bills with, but I can't cash it in, anywhere!
by SynjoDeonecros November 29, 2004
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In the card game Yu-Gi-Oh!, a form of deck that utilizes 'chaos monsters' and other cards to remove the opponent's monsters from play and generally wreak havoc on their deck, usually with overpowering and, usually, unstoppable 'doomsday' effects. Also known as Dimension Control
In the Traditional format, Chaos Control was king, but now that the Advanced format has banned CED, Chaos Control just isn't what it used to be, anymore.
by SynjoDeonecros November 29, 2004
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