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To use Yo Mama jokes without any intention to and without any thought process.
Jenny: Oh my god. There's a dog on fire outside!
Harold: Yo Mama on fire outside!
Jenny: Where?!
Kenny: Relax Jenny. That's only his Yo Mama Reflex.
Harold: That's only yo mama's Yo Mama Reflex!
by Swid December 30, 2005
A black womens loose vagina. The outer lips, or the Lavia Majora
Get yo nasty ol roast beef off my doggy head.

Yo coochie look like roast beef!

Get yo quail, roast beef, sickle celled roast beef away from my iced tea!
by Swid March 6, 2003
A "noisecore" band founded in 1992. Their discography includes 8 full length albums and 23 EPs. Members include Onuki Yasuko (also known as Yasuko O. or just Yako), Agata Ichirou, Rika mm' and later on Toshiaki Sudoh. Many people enjoy the almost random and spontaneous sound effects from their instruments.
Mark: Wow, this band rocks! It's so weird, but in a good way!
Kim: Yeah, I know. Melt-banana's really awesome.
by Swid June 10, 2006
General expression/interjection, similar in usage to "wow," "oh, man," or "yep".
"Did the colonoscopy hurt at all?"
--"Boy howdy!"
by Swid September 10, 2002