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A piece of software that everyone wished it never existed,it covers a swear word with hashtags or (Content Deleted).Usualy exists in MMORPG games(ie.Roblox,CSGO,RSS,etc)
*Garry TKed Jerry in Battlefield 4
Jerry:#### you ############## TKER
Garry:What are you saying?
Jerry:Damn chat filter.........
by SuperUnicums May 29, 2018

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The Navi GPU that singlehandedly killed both the GTX 1660ti and the 2060 with one VBIOS update, albeit with some burning side effects(looking at you, powercolor red dragon) with the fans not turning on causing some cards to literally spew fire and smoke. Also a pretty decent card for $299
Jake: where’s that scent of burning plastic is coming from?
*opens pc case, smokes coming out from a 5600XT
Jake: *cough* holy fuck the fans didn’t turn on on that RX 5600XT, the fans must be broken.
by SuperUnicums February 16, 2020

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Alternate version of fucking, used for chats with a chat filter to avoid being censored
*Random player gets killed by a camper in pubg*

Random Player:DAMN U ******* CAMPER

Camper:what ur saying u cunt


Pro: kys
by SuperUnicums June 14, 2018

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HDMI’s more buff brother, looks like an HDMI connector but with one side flat. It’s intended purpose is for computer monitors only(some TVs have them, but rare). Can support up to 16K resolution at 80Hz without HDR and 60Hz with HDR, also supports Freesync and G-Sync which reduces screen tearing.
Man I wished I bought a displayport cable for my computer, I guess I’ll stick to my hdmi cable for now
by SuperUnicums June 15, 2021

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A drive powered by pure friendship in order to travel between systems and planets

Originates from the game Elite:Dangerous and the ship’s voice when you engage your FSD(Frame Shift Drive)
Friendship drive charging. Scanning ship for signs of friendliness.
by SuperUnicums May 03, 2021

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Anti-Lag(fancy way of keeping your fps from spiking)
Radeon Boost(works in some games)
Radeon Image Sharpening(if you want play 720p on a 1080p monitor for performance reasons)

Black screens
Crappy UI
Stability issues
AMD link being unreliable

Missing parameters
Roses are red

Display got stuck

What the hell Lisa Su

Why Radeon Software suck
via giphy
by SuperUnicums February 16, 2020

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