5 definitions by SuperNateParty

The year where only the richest of the richest will survive.
Gay: I probably won't see you in 2100, Guy. As you are poorer than a tumbleweed.
Guy: I take offense!
Goy: I don't. :3
by SuperNateParty January 16, 2019
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Entitled assholes who cause a scene on your flight
Attendant - Sir please turn off Airplane Mode.
Guy - What the hell why would you ask me to do something so amazingly stupid and ridiculous? What will turning off my connection to prevent signal interference do for me?
Guy 2 - Ah great, there's the assenger of the flight.
by SuperNateParty August 21, 2021
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Person: What's up, brah?
Person 2: Not much. Just watching as people are looting and burning down buildings in protest.
Person: They burned my house down yesterday. Bastards.
by SuperNateParty July 03, 2021
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an underrated youtuber who despite his fanbase is not talked about as much.
Person: Who are you watching?
Person 2: Jay from the Kubz Scouts
Person: Who the hell is Jay from the Cube Scouts?
Person 2: That Dude!
by SuperNateParty July 03, 2021
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That one item that was abused shortly after the first wave of Covid
Person: I'm out of toilet paper! How will I wipe my ass?!
Person 2: Good luck, all of the supermarkets are closed due to the pandemic.
by SuperNateParty July 03, 2021
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