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Korean "manhwa" character. "Pucca, Funny Love" is about the only daughter of a guy who ownes a Chinese resturant. Her favorite food is a Chinese dish called "jajamyung" which is very popular in Korea. She is madly in love with Garu.
Pucca Pucca Pucca!!! ^.^
by Sueji May 29, 2004
A love story written by Naoko Takeuchi while she was in high school. Code Name Sailor V was created and then other characters were created to bring "Bishoujo Senshi Pretty Soldier Sailormoon."

The main character is Serenity who is reincaranted as Usagi, a crybaby who becomes Sailormoon. through the years she fights evil and matures into a respectable woman, Neo Queen Serenity. Her lover is Mamoru, and her daughter is Usagi or "Rennie."
"I am the pretty soldier Sailormoon!"
by Sueji May 29, 2004
A korean desert. Shaved ice with milk, sweet red bean paste, little rice cakes, fruit (usually strawberry), and little candies.
Pap-ing-sue jusayo!!!

(Gimmie popingsue!)
by Sueji May 29, 2004
Japanese desert. Made with rice flour and has sweet red bean paste inthe center. Usually steamed. It is covered with rice flour because it is very sticky.
by Sueji May 29, 2004
Korean manhwa character with a Japanese name.
Wanted: Mashimaro
Stature: To be short.
Weight: To be weighty.
by Sueji May 29, 2004