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The atheist way of saying "God Bless You". Self-explanatory really
It's meant in jest, of course..what, you couldn't guess that? Dog bless you!
by Submitters of Words March 14, 2011

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Sex with a condom. Doesn't feel as great but it sure beats 18 years of child support.
Ready for some latex love, babe?
by Submitters of Words June 28, 2011

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Slang for a girl who just won't give it up.
Guy #1: I've been with her for over a year, and we still haven't had sex. She's impussible! What do I do??

Guy #2: Tool
by Submitters of Words January 18, 2011

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Usually what lying quacks (as if there's any other kind) will tell you in an attempt to trick you into buying their bullshit
Keep an open mind, snake oil works wonders as long as you want it too!
by Submitters of Words June 25, 2011

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I think you can guess what this means.
She's sweet, she's nice, and she's super intelligent and all but she's really missing the assentials I need in a girl. Too bad.
by Submitters of Words August 02, 2011

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A word that, unfortunately, is now most often used as a euphemism for fat by heavy chicks. Which is a shame since a truly thick woman is undoubtedly a beautiful sight.
Sarah: "So what if I tipped the scale this week? I'm thick, that's all!"
Sarah is 300 pounds...
by Submitters of Words June 26, 2011

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Religion is a failed attempt at understanding the natural world around us, why we exist and what the hell our purpose is.
Science may not be able to answer these questions, but that doesn't mean religion can instead does it?
Perhaps some questions simply don't have answers?
Grow up people!
by Submitters of Words March 31, 2011

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