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A word used to describe the appearance of ones nipples, usually in a cold environment.
"Haha. You have nipsicles!"
by Stubs October 09, 2004

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One who spanks their monkey.
Look at that monkeyspank spank his monkey. What a monkeyspank!
by stubs June 29, 2003

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way of deniying that you love someone.
i( michelle ) really hate it ( craig)
by stubs February 29, 2004

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A brainless necrophiliac that is always fucking a side of rotten beef. A person that can astalproject and rape you. An online pimp player. A genius for hire. A person that has successfully climbed "Pho Mountain" and gained immortality. An invincible gook.
JV can take 6 bullets to the head with a smile.
by Stubs December 12, 2004

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A very ugly girl. A messed up situation or scenario.
Dude, that girl is fucking herp!
by Stubs December 12, 2004

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