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or "straight", except ghetto version.
you alright?
yea im skraight
by Steve O September 15, 2003
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1)a big pile of feces.
2)enormous dump.
The man bent over and dropped a ploppage from his ass. The dog has been dropping ploppages all over teh house. Diarrhea causes one to drop a lot of ploppage.
by Steve O October 19, 2003
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We speak about business. The term Forecast is used to talk about business on a weekly or monthly basis.

Unless it's a french company then we speak about business 3 times a day.

*See also shit-show
We speak about your forecast.
by Steve O December 08, 2003
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a girl who like giving up that ass for free, with a twist of crazyness or freakyness.
I hit this hoe nuts last night and she wanted me to shit on her!
by Steve O April 03, 2004
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a baby that subsides within the human male's rectum. Caused by unprotected anal sex with other men. Results in premature ejaculation, a permanent erection, and a craving 4 delicious pastries. Results in loss of blood and loosened anal sphincter.
Tim Scott has an ass fetus
by Steve O February 11, 2004
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short for disgusting, invented by becca campi
thats scusting!
by Steve O September 15, 2003
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beer; alcohol; alcoholic beverages
you goin to the striz fast? striz fast meaning kegger
by Steve O September 15, 2003
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