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noun. Used to refer to a person with unnaturally black hair. The name comes from the fact that they dye their hair, presumably with something that came from a bottle.

Can also be used in a derogatory manner.

The opposite of bottle blonde.
Girl 1: Look at her roots! She's a total bottle black.
by Steph (editor - steferrknee) February 28, 2006
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The "rule" prominant in high school that allegedly states that if a teacher is not present in the classroom five minutes after the final bell has rung to indicate class has begun, the class may leave.

Although this rule has been tested, no conclusive evidence has been gathered to rule on whether this rule is real or not.
After sitting in the dark classroom for five minutes without a teacher, the majority of the class decided to follow the Five Minute Rule, so they got up and went to the cafeteria.
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A word used commonly in Maine as a positive affirmation. Pretty much, it means "yes".
Person 1: Are you going to harbor park today?
Person 2: Ayuh!
by Steph (editor - steferrknee) February 25, 2006
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