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The white (hopefully) stuff that gathers around a woman's genitalia, and sometimes in her underpants (thong if you're lucky, granny panties if you're not). Often has the consistency of cottage cheese.
He began to regret the hours of foreplay beforehand when he caught a glimpse of the klitty litter in her panties.
by StanfordEnglishMajor June 26, 2008
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The ornamental links that attach your prince albert to your king john.
As the bikini-clad blonde passed by, his dick cheney grew taut.
by StanfordEnglishMajor October 20, 2007
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Gives you the strength to correct that stupid person that just corrected your grammar or spelling on Facebook or other social networking site.
I got my grammar panties on and showed her that "you and me" was, indeed, the correct phrase to use in that context.
by StanfordEnglishMajor May 21, 2011
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Popular male piercing at the base of the penis, right in front of the scrotum.
When her mouth was full, she got a good look at his king john.
by StanfordEnglishMajor October 20, 2007
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