23 definitions by Spaz

Someone that is really noob in a e-sport game.
Wow! How did you miss him? You play like a wicked!

OMG He has 1 kill, 30 deaths! He plays like w wicked!
by spaz March 18, 2005
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its a disease that you can get from smoking so dont smoke.
you can get atherosclerosis from smoking to much.
by Spaz January 26, 2005
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Hello!! its only Homer Simpson's favorite word!!!!
by Spaz July 07, 2003
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Someone that incredibly owns in a e-sport game.
Wow! You're good like a m4x0r!
You can't beat this guy, he is good like a m4x0r!
by spaz March 12, 2005
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A slight derivative on the word Newbie, Newb, or Noob.
"omg dude youre such a nabi"
"theres too many fuckin' nabi's here"
by Spaz August 05, 2004
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An Indian who acts like he's black.
Look at that blindian, all tryin to act black and shit.
by Spaz November 08, 2003
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its a form of skateboarding or snowboarding in the way you position your feet
i skate goofy-footed
by spaz April 07, 2005
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