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People through their awful personalities or homeliness who make a conscious decision to become bisexual, thereby doubling potential sexual partners yet still remain unfuckable to everyone.
Despite his fame and fortune JJ Redick is one lonely
by SousedBergin November 22, 2007

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when cleaning up after a big night all found half drunk beers or full open beers are Skrzek's.
Fucking found atleast 13 Skrzeks in the morning what a

by SousedBergin March 21, 2008

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When someone nefarious does something shamelessly obvious to improve their image.
Sarah Palin claims to have gay friends, pretty sure she is just holding a puppy on that one.

Stephen Harper's blue sweater, why not just wear a puppy? He's obviously holding one.

Why wasn't Kobe's wife literally holding a puppy at the 'i cheated didn't rape' press conference?

Eliot Spiltzer's wife at the press conference is the most insincere holding of a puppy ever.

Elin Nordegren refused to hold a puppy at Tiger Wood's press conference.
by SousedBergin June 04, 2010

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To pump a Texas Mickey of whiskey directly into one's mouth.
Honestly I harooned before we went for lunch drinks, it felt great and I feel no shame in harooning.

One time Haroon harooned and then harooning became a thing
by SousedBergin December 22, 2017

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