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Something which embodies the trait of unmatched aesthetic and inner beauty, regardless of external influences. To be truly beautiful reflects an unparallel sense of eternity, unchanged by events or situations which may otherwise compromise such a trait.
Kevin J. Kristiansen
by sonja February 21, 2005

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One of the many names for weed. Its mainly in reference to time. But theres also April 20th.
Its 4:20, gota hit that bowl.
I cant wait til 4/20,(april 20th) Im gona be stoned off my ass.
by Sonja February 18, 2003

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My birthday
Yo Sonja, whens your birthday?

by Sonja May 04, 2004

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The t-dot is short for Toronto. Its slang used mainly by wiggers like Sean Desman and "gangsters". I am a wigger, so I use it, but whatever. I'm an exception because I be cool, yo.
"Heyuh girlie! A/S/L?"
"Yo yo am 16/f/T-dot"
"Ye ye." *smiles proudly*
by Sonja May 04, 2004

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an unfortunate situation
i hear that gordon has a new burd

aye - gutit
by sonja March 02, 2004

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To be suave, cool; good girl skills.
Adrian has NO smoothocity.
by Sonja May 09, 2003

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what you eat in scotland when u r totally pished out ur nut and u got the munchies at about 4am
haww neeber fancy a kebab

ayy mann
by sonja March 02, 2004

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