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One of the greatest presidents in American history no matter which one you're talking about :P
Intelligent American who sees past the stupidity of partisanship: "President Roosevelt was amazing."

Blind Democrat: "You'd better mean Franklin because that stupid Theodore was a racist Republican."

Blind Republican: "You'd better mean Theodore because Franklin was a flaming Welfare loving social justice warrior."

Intelligent American who sees past the stupidity of partisanship: "No, I mean both because both were great and put country over party. Without either of them, you both would possibly have been CHILD SLAVES, slaves to large businesses, eating poisonous food, drinking unclean water, and if all of that somehow didn't manage to kill you, then you'd die well before you could use Social Security to keep yourself alive and long lived."

Blind Democrat and Republican: "CUCK!"
by SomewhatOfALibertarian January 19, 2017
Just another example of a white female supremacist. Also very self-contradictory when she says "I'm a millennial, so I don't like labels"... as she's labeling herself...
Tomi Lahren is against sexism when it happens to her, but is silent on the issues facing men, women of color, and women in the Middle East.
by SomewhatOfALibertarian April 23, 2017
An amazing candidate. Honestly the only candidate even worth a damn in these 2016 elections. Unfortunately highly unlikely to win the presidency due to Donald Trump's and Hillary Clinton's supporters being so blind to their lies and following them like sheep.
If people actually voted without obsessing over labels like "liberal", "conservative", "Democrat", or "Republican" and started to LOOK at the people running and what they've actually gotten done and accomplished as leaders, then candidates like Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton would've gotten blown out of the water by Gary Johnson before the election even started.
by SomewhatOfALibertarian August 14, 2016
The baby boomers in a nutshell. That's all that there is to them. They accuse millennials and Generation X of being narcissists when, in reality, they are the biggest ones. They call millennials and Generation X entitled, yet the numbers show that boomers mooch off Welfare and other poverty and unemployment programs more than ANY other generation of adults. Oh yeah, and who's working to PAY FOR THEIR SOCIAL SECURITY that keeps them alive and ABLE to bitch about those "entitled Generation X and millennial children"?

They also use the term "millennial" to describe anyone who looks younger and healthier than them.

They have a serious disconnect from reality, as shown by how EVERY generation alive today, include the SILENTS BEFORE THEM, consider them entitled and bratty, yet boomers swear that they're the best.

When asked about their status, they dismiss anyone younger than themselves ("millennials") as entitled and with some cliche that can fit in a bumper sticker. Of course, when Silent Generation people tear them a new one, then "they're just getting confused with their old age." Nothing is EVER a boomer's fault in these narcissists' eyes. Also depend on those "entitled" millennials and Generation X to fund their Social Security checks. Are also statistically the BIGGEST leeches of Welfare/food stamps/Medicaid/unemployment benefits and other such poverty assisting programs. They'll never admit it though.
“The Baby Boomers: whiny, narcissistic, self-indulgent people with a simple philosophy: “Gimme that! It’s mine!” These people were given everything, everything was handed to them, and they took it all, sold it all; sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll, and they stayed loaded for twenty years and had a free ride. But now they’re staring down the barrel of middle-age burnout, and they don’t like it. They don’t like it, so they’ve become self-righteous, and they wanna make things hard for young people. They tell em abstain from sex, say no to drugs. As for rock ‘n’ roll, they sold that for television commercials a long time ago so they can buy pasta machines and StairMasters and soybean futures. You know something? They’re cold, bloodless people. It’s in their slogans, it’s in their rhetoric: “No pain, no gain,” “Just do it,” “Life is short, play hard,” “Shit happens, deal with it,” “Get a life.” These people went from “Do your own thing” to “Just say no!” They went from “Love is all you need” to “Whoever winds up with the most toys, wins”, and they went from cocaine to Rogaine.”

George Carlin – 1996

It's nice to hear someone born BEFORE the hypocrite generation fuckers tell them the truth.
by SomewhatOfALibertarian January 7, 2017
We're actually a pretty okay generation to be honest. We are cool headed, easy to talk to, and pretty open minded. Yes, we have our flaws. Sure, we may not be QUITE as outdoorsy as the baby boomers were growing up, but I know for fact that we, along with Gen X, were a hell of a lot LESS ridiculously rebellious than the baby boomers were.

They complain that we're not even as politically engaged as we should be... unless, of course, we unquestioningly agree with all their politics. And yet we get shit for that as well. Too liberal, yet not political enough? Dafuq lol? Not to mention that politics in general is a very trashy, childish field designed for people who couldn't make something productive out of their lives.

That definition by Mr. SnowmanPants is utter bull. We lack common life skills and hardware? Then PLEASE tell me why older generations like Boomers keep bitching about the top engineering and tech companies like Google hiring us in droves and pushing out baby boomers?

And most importantly, why do we constantly need to even be labeled this much in the first place?
Mark Zuckerburg anyone? Millennial, creator and engineer of Facebook, one of the greatest communication networks of today? And contrary to popular beliefs, no we do not just live in our parents house forever. We just stay there until we're financially independent, which is hard to be in this economy (thanks Baby Boomers).

No, millennials are not perfect. But we certainly don't deserve the ten kinds of shit that Baby Boomers LOVE to talk about us without even stopping to take a very good critical look at themselves. It's kind of amazing how jackassed they can be when you think about it :)
by SomewhatOfALibertarian September 2, 2016
Pseudoprogressive, pseudoliberal white women who claim to be agents of "equal rights" for men and women, but really couldn't give less of a shit about anyone who isn't a privileged, middle class white woman. Interchangeable with white feminists.

When discussing the gender pay gap, then white female supremacists only include themselves in comparison to white men, while leaving out that they make more than black, Latin, and Native American men AND women do. Will also endlessly shame a Native American woman whose biggest priority as a woman is to ENJOY the opportunity to stay at home and look after her kids without getting raped on her reservation YET AGAIN. I'm sure that it must suck to not get equal pay when you're not putting equal work, but perhaps the right to NOT get raped and enjoy a stable and steady life for your family without fear of them (especially the men) committing suicide, is just a LITTLE more important than getting equal pay, which is already granted for the same job.

COMPLETELY ignore the fact that there are areas that hurt men worse than they hurt women, such as poorer mental health treatment, higher suicide rates (men across ALL RACIAL GROUPS have higher suicide rates than EVERY SINGLE RACIAL GROUP OF WOMEN does), and not being taken seriously when on the receiving end of an abusive relationship with a woman. Will also blame EVERYTHING on white men when it's convenient, and men of color when they're pretending to ally with women of color.
Famous examples of white female supremacists, both in history and today, are Susan B Anthony, Taylor Swift, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Hillary Clinton, Ivanka Trump, Megyn Kelly, and Amy Schumer.

Native American women, who want the chance to stay at home and be nurturing to their kids as well as to their men, who are unfortunately at the highest risk of suicide, are "disgraces to their gender" according to white female supremacists.

Amy Schumer will talk about how black men are misogynistic perverts and all white men are evil oppressors while ignoring the fact that women of color tend to have more important issues than a mythical gender pay gap (such as not getting raped and actually LONGING for the privilege to stay at home and raise their kids) and then conveniently denying that she is a white female supremacist.
by SomewhatOfALibertarian April 22, 2017