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hump for a man or woman to sit on his/her back and move up and down, hard and fast
Girl: If I sit down here will you hump me?
Boy: Yeah!
The girl lays on the table on the guy gets on top of her and stabs his penis into the girl's vagina and her moves up and down on her hard and fast. "OOH! AAH!" She moans, "Faster! Faster!"
by Someone that knows February 25, 2006
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A really fun activity done by a man and a woman
I was walking up to my girlfriend's apartment and was in my boxers and a t-shirt, because I just couldn't sleep without her. I opened the door and she was in a thong and wonderful see-through bra. Her breasts were HU- FREAKIN'- MONGUS I mean the biggest ones I've ever seen. She came over to me and pulled off my boxers and t-shirt, she pulled her thong off and allowed me to snap he really expensive bra. She demanded I shove my penis up her vagina, I was really happy.
We fell to the floor I was sliding my penis in and out of her vagina, she was screaming, "GO, GO, FASTER, HARDER, I KNOW YOU CAN HAVE SEX, KEEP GOING, HARDERRRRRRRRRR!" I slid faster and harder than I ever have before, she was practically losing her voice before she was satisfied. I was so happy, her breasts were right in front of me I sucked her nipples and was having a great time. This went on for about two hours and she was screaming, "HARD, HARD, I CAN TAKE IT, FASTER, HARDER, KEEP GOING, FAST, HARD, PUT IT ON ME!" This went on so long I would bore you with the details, so I'll stop here. I'll tell you sex is extremely important, it started the human race and if you want pleasure, if you're a woman have a guy shove his penis in you're vagina. If you're a guy have a woman scream "FASTER HARDER!" You will have a great time doing that. Just make sure your and her clothes are off and you're having some sort of contact.
by Someone that knows February 26, 2006
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Not liking sports. As Gwen Stefani says, "Few times I've been around that track and it's not just gonna happen like that, cuz I ain't no hollaback girl, I ain't no hollaback girl."
I am SO not a Hollaback Girl because I LOVE sports!!
by Someone that knows June 23, 2006
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