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Short for backwards long jump, one of the most famous speedrunning techniques used in Super Mario 64, and is most famously used on the Looping Steps.

The final star door requires 70 Stars, but you can actually enter the door early. If you try to walk up the stairs without 70 stars, you will keep walking forever. Well, unless you turn back, in which you are right by the bottom. Because the devs forgot to cap backwards acceleration, you can repeatedly blj until you start accelerating so fast you end up at the final boss room.
Just watch a video, okay? I'm not a speedrunner.
Have you seen that guy blj up the stairs? It's so ridiculous.
If you're really reading through Urban Dictionary at this time of day, you have no life.
by Someone you don't care about. September 28, 2020
Used when someone realizes something. Variations include:
"wait a minute"
"wait just a moment"
"hold on for a moment"
Or just the classic "wait..."
A: Why do you think he wants so many bananas?
B: Wait a second...
Personally I think Ness is Sans.
But hey, that's just a theory, a game theory!
Term that refers to a character, item, or technique (usually in a fighting game) that is so much better than everything else, you question if the developers were asleep on the wheel when programming. Examples include Meta Knight (Super Smash Bros. Brawl), Metal Blades (Mega Man 2), and Mewtwo (Pokémon, especially in Gen 1).
The Metal Blades are such a game-breaker. The Bubble Lead attacks enemies below you, but why bother if the blades deal more damage and use half the ammo? It's ridiculous!
Can you believe Bubsy 3D got a Golden X from "Playstation Xtreme Magazine"? Game journalism has never changed in quality.
Someone who apparently sucks. A lot. I mean people won't stop whining about him, so he's gotta be a bad person, right?
"Man, this president is a new low. Back in my day, presidents were patriotic and showed leadership!"
"Grandpa, didn't you say that when the previous guy got elected?"
by Someone you don't care about. January 26, 2022