dirty house music is by far
the best clubbin music. is hot,
and a lot of hot and sexy people listen to it.
only the best.
"heyy hunny,
are you gonna
go clubbin' with my
and the rest tonight??"

"hell yeah girl,
dirrty dirty house musik. =D"
by sexciistarr69 October 17, 2007
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OK so in the 80s we have the emergence of Electro-House, a groovy alternative to the dead disco of the era before it Electro house got its name for the venues it was played in(warehouses and such). What sets house music apart from everything else in the edm scene is the Four to the floor beat that drives the scene crazy. Dirty house is a variation of traditional house that tends to have a funky deep 4 on the floor bassline with soulfoul vocals and a groovy feel to it.
Richard vission
Bad Boy Bill

OMG fool i was at the rave in austin and richard vission spun a sick set of dirty house
by Spinout17 June 1, 2009
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Grandpa's Dirty House Slipper, in keeping with the definition of House Slipper, is the act of an elderly male homeowner engaging in unprotected anal sex with a male residential services provider, i.e., home health aid, lawn care worker, maid, plumber, cable guy, in exchange for the worker to provide free or extra services.
Howard needed his lawn mowed and the shrubs trimmed around his yard. However, his social security check only stretched so far and he could not afford to pay for those services. Therefore, Howard availed himself to sex and performed a Grandpa's Dirty House Slipper with a young male lawn care worker mowing the yard of his neighbor's home. Howard ended up with neatest yard and the best groomed shrubs in the whole community.
by Eaton Holgoode April 26, 2014
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1.The bastard child of house & Speed garage.
2.Vocal HOuse music thats Bass heavy.
3.A place full of basswhores
4.Sumwhere filthy u mite live
by Piss Mink September 27, 2006
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This is an Urban Term used on certain cleaning occasions. People typically use the term as gay as it is just to be safe. Dirty House Clean House means "Cleaning that was so Butt Fucking Nasty, Now It's Pink Pussy Clean". DHCH is a term of expressive sarcasm after cleaning.

Dirty House Clean House is a safe word to sarcastically reward yourself the achievement cleaning something so nasty into a cleanly masterpiece.

In respect to DHCH for short. If your around friends that don't mind a Fowl Mouth, just skip the DHCH attitude and say after you clean that shit "Cleaning that was So Butt Fucking Nasty, Now it's Pink Pussy Clean". Hopefully someone claps back and says good job!

Dirty House Clean House can be used in many different ways to be creative and clean. Getting Dirty is pretty gay, but who can argue with clean pink pussy? Money Talks and Bullshit Walks. Keep it Clean!
You know what "Dirty House Clean House" means? It's a safe word that means "Cleaning that was So Butt Fucking Nasty, Now it's Pink Pussy Clean".
by CamilleStarlight August 27, 2023
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