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8 definitions by Some.Random.Bitch

Douchey 17 or 18-year-old guys that want to get into the pants of stupid, unaware, 14-year-old freshman girls. Usually have drugs, money, car, etc to lure them in.
Senior boys: hey baby, you’re so damn sexy. Want to date? I got a car.

Freshman girl: OMG yes! Take my virginity
by Some.Random.Bitch May 25, 2020
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A community on Amino that’s supposed to promote self-love and support for bigger women. However, it’s known for being riddled with thirsty Indian men who fetishize the (primarily underaged) girls on there. They get pissed when you take too long to respond and will spam you. If you’re an underaged teen girl, stay FAR away from this community.
Girl: *Posts a selfie on Classy Curves*
Phone: *23 new notifications on Amino*
Indian man 1: hey bby

Indian man 2: wanna date bby?
Indian man 3: how old r u sexi?? 😍
You get the picture
by Some.Random.Bitch May 22, 2020
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Where do I even begin?

1. An egotistical, lying piece of shit who thinks he’s always right

2. A 74-year-old man baby who has never been told “no” before.

3. A man who has said disgusting things about black people, Mexicans, Asians, Muslims, Jews, women in general, female celebrities (some of whom were children at the time), even his OWN DAUGHTERS.

4. A guy who 26 women accused of sexual assault (with a recording of him bragging about it), but faced no punishment for doing.

5. A businessman who should’ve NEVER gotten even close to the Oval Office.

6. Someone who has no problem calling Rosie O’Donnell a pig, yet throws a tantrum when a bunch of Millennials and Gen Z teens call him DiaperDon on Twitter.

7. No longer my president as of January 20, 2021
1. Donald Trump didn’t do jackshit for America when COVID hit, and after he got it, claims that it’s “not that bad” stfu.

2. When Donald Trump lost the election, he cried out “fraud” even though it was proved to be legit. Still refuses to accept it as of December 2020.

3. We all know the things Donald Trump has said

4. People come for Joe Biden because he smelled a girl’s hair; the same people who ignore the fact that 26 women have accused Donald Trump of sexual assault

5. The president should be an experienced politician, Donald Trump was never a politician.

6. Donald Trump, the king of insults, can’t handle a bunch of 18-year-olds calling him a baby?

7. Americans will soon be free from Donald Trump’s fascist ways.
by Some.Random.Bitch December 4, 2020
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1. See word (schmo)
2. An attention-loving fatass who creates “content” on YouTube by eating like a fucking pig. Bullies other YouTubers when they tell him no.
Jimmy: Did you hear about what Nikocado Avocado did this time?
Fred: Lemme guess, he dissed another guy for rejecting his sexual advances
by Some.Random.Bitch August 5, 2020
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Hoe Code or Girl Code is a set of unwritten rules among the female population that associate with how to act or socialize with friends and other women. It is the female counterpart to Bro Code. Both phenomenons have some of the same rules and regulations, but hoe code has some more specific rules about different scenarios. There are dozens of very specific rules and scenarios that are categorized into two big ideas.

1. Being a good friend:
Women friendships are a lot more complicated than male ones. Some rules include:

Never blowing off your friends to hang with a guy (comrades before Chads)

Not dating ex-boyfriends unless given the consent to do so

Not dating current crushes or fairly recent crushes

Having ZERO sexual relations with current boyfriends (includes flirting and sexting)

Rejecting the advances of any friend’s crush

Keeping secrets secret

Eternal support

Consulting friends about buying something/ having a major change in appearance

2. Being a good woman:

Complimenting something about a new woman’s appearance

Constantly watching another woman’s drink when she gets up or isn’t looking

Pretending to be a lady’s girlfriend, friend, sister, etc to shoo off a potential rapist

Giving up a spare pad/ tampon to ANY GIRL OR WOMAN who needs it. No exceptions.

Holding back a girl’s hair if she’s vomiting

Notifying a girl if she’s unknowingly experiencing a wardrobe malfunction
Sally: Chad and I are so happy together. He means the world to me.
Becky: *shamelessly flirts with Chad*
Sally: You fucking broke Hoe Code. Stop fucking with my boyfriend you fugly slut
by Some.Random.Bitch May 18, 2020
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Where half of Jesus’s disciples go. Not the best school out there
My loyal hoes go to Lemont High School, unfortunately
by Some.Random.Bitch December 22, 2020
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An old fashioned nickname for Richard. No, I wasn’t gonna say cock you dirty minded hoe
Billy: Did you see Dick at the bar yesterday?
Jimmy: Hell yeah
by Some.Random.Bitch May 22, 2020
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