She is very shy when you meet her but once you get to know her she is loud and hilarious. Has a great personality and is pretty with a great since of fashion. She will try to make you laugh but ends up laughing at her own jokes. She is a ride or die type of girl. Also very smart.
That girl is defitnely a Armanie.
by Twoturnt March 14, 2017
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most Armani's are shy when you meet them or they can be ridiculously weird. Armani means unique, fun, loving, caring, sweet, athletic, fashionable, quirky, bold, strong, sensitive, smart and a little crazy. if you ever meet someone named Armani you should treat them great.
What a strong human being and look at that fashion! That sure is an Armani!
by Always the truth to be told December 23, 2015
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Armani is a goofy, funny, nice, and honest girl. She always try to make people happy when their mad and she is always there for the people she loves. She will always be there for you and will always be by your side no matter what. When it comes to the people she loves she will do anything for them even if it means fighting somebody for them. However, she can sometimes take things to seriously and she will get angry if she feels like your doing something wrong or something she doesn’t like. If somebody does something rude to her she is ready to fight although she is a nice person. She also is a beautiful and cute girl but she doesn’t know it and she hides a lot of things behind her smile and laughter but she always put people before her self even through rough times. Armani can also be disrespectful when someone makes her mad but she doesn’t mean to be. She also has trust issues and she limits the people she hangs around with and she doesn’t like telling people things that happened to her because she doesn’t want them to feel bad or get sad for her, instead she just want the people around her to be happy. However she is a cute, boujee, goofy, and spoiled girl and most people can’t handle her because of her bad attitude but for the people who can she really appreciates you for putting up with her and always being there for her although she may not show it because she can sometimes be insecure and afraid to express her feelings.
If you meet an ARMANI you are one lucky person !
by Armani’s April 11, 2019
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She's freaking Awsome. The most amazing bestfriend, she secretly hot, funny,every body who knows her falls in love with her, she has the best personality, great taste in music, cutest ass. You wanna smash her. Pretties smile. She's beautiful but dosnt t know it. Will be the greatest person in the world some day.
I'm secretly in love with Armani .
by GiraffeAwesome April 3, 2015
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A pretty ass bad ass bitch that's always on fleek and will take yo nigga
by Naimoney March 23, 2016
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Armani is the coolest girl on the block. She's pretty, cool, funny & full of energy when she wants to be. Everyone loves her, but hates being on her Bad side. Armani is one of the most dependable. Always down to come thru. She's also the kind boys want, but can't get near. She will reject the fellas in a heart beat. We love Armani and her Selfish ways. She definitely is the one you want to keep close to you.
Armani is the best at Malcomb High. And she's confident.
by Suckmycockinesslick March 20, 2017
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A loud but cool person that something's get out of hand but is managable and a great friend
That kid armani is cool and loud.
by urbandictionary234567 January 20, 2014
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