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The act of taking a finger and gently rubbing the outside of the rectum in a rapid motion.
While receiving oral gratification, the prostitute massaged my prostate by performing a Saigon Tickle.
by Snatch(Beer30) April 13, 2011
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The act performed when a male or female inconspicuously inserts their hand into clothing of a female while in a social setting. A finger is then inserted into her vagina and is manipulated in way that will cause stimulation. The puppet master continues the finger movement as the puppet continues to interact with others in the public setting. The period of time the act is performed is often referred to as a "two knuckle puppet show".
The look of embarrassment came across Jill's face as the dog pulled down the jacket she had draped across her lap, exposing Jack's hand pushed deeply into Jill's Pants, causing their two knuckle puppet show to come to an end.
by Snatch(Beer30) April 14, 2011
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The act of an individual inconspicuously inserting his or her hand into the clothing of another man or woman in a social setting. A finger is then inserted into the rectum and followed by inward and outward movement. The movement is continued as the recipient interacts with others in the social gathering.
After dinner, Bruce's mother barley kept from fainting when she removed the tablecloth, revealing Stephen's feces coated finger as it was swiftly pulled from Bruce's rectum after they were caught performing a Howdy Dookie.
by Snatch(Beer30) April 19, 2011
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