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Sex move that was derived from Fire-Flower Mario from "Super Mario Brothers". One gets some type of spice residue (tobasco, pepper, etc) on their finger and finger-bangs a female to "fire" her up.
Ryan performed the Spicy Mario on his girlfriend and watched her jump around screaming.
by snakebiter October 05, 2009

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From the H formation, the two guys give a hefty high five, which forms the letter "A".
Fabian and Fabio pulled off the A formation right after the H Formation. It was all good in nature.
by SnakeBiter October 14, 2009

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Sex position used during a threesome. 1 guy doggy-styles the ho standing up while the other guy receives head standing up. The positioning of the three forms the letter "H".
Fabian and Fabio pulled off the H formation on this one biotch. Fabian rammed her from behind while Fabio was getting head.
by SnakeBiter October 14, 2009

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To use the same condom multiple times to save money on condoms.
The Jewish Protection failed Jay after the third time; the condom busted and he impregnated his bitch.
by SnakeBiter October 23, 2009

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A sex move where you penetrate your partner's anus by surprise, and when they're yelling/screaming "Get it out! Take it out!", you continue penetrating and say "Sorry, you'll have to wait till the King gets here."

Bonus points when you're about to orgasm, you yell "The King has arrived and wants to share Exalibur!" and pull out, stick it in your partner's mouth, and jizz.
Johnny pulled off The Excalibur on his biotch the other night; she sure was in for a surprise.
by SnakeBiter October 20, 2009

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Derived from the famous ghetto reporter video on youtube. Syndrome where something angers you and and you talk mad trash (including some reference to drugs or ghetto-fabulous terms is a plus) against the thing that angered you.
Chris: Fuck that bitch ass cock sucking broke titty mother fucking swine flu bitches tearing up my immune system! After consuming fuck-tons of Vitamin C, my white blood cells were fucking strapped like Rambo and royally tore the shit out of those crack smoking baking soda snorting cock sucking punk bitch ass swine flu fucktards!

Josh: Wow, the ghetto reporter syndrome. I feel your pain bro.
by SnakeBiter October 30, 2009

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Sex move where a man penetrates a female on her period or penetrate somebody's anal until they get blood all over the penis. Then you pull out and yell "Freeeeeedooooom" and cock-slap your partner's face with your bloody "sword".
Sam pulled off the braveheart on Mike. It was pretty bloody and funny mate.
by SnakeBiter October 13, 2009

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